About Us

Since 1952 Group Dekko has been a leader in innovative electrical, engineering and manufacturing solutions for work space, architectural lighting, transportation, automotive, appliance, and medical industries. Our capabilities range from solving for a highly complex engineering solution to quick expansion of your manufacturing capabilities to meet demand. We are a blue-chip OEM and start-up company preferred partner because of our employee dedication to customer service.

A Rich History

What began as a simple idea crafted at a kitchen table in Albion, Indiana, in 1952, launched a multi-million dollar business that continues to thrive today.  With humble beginnings, Lyall Morrell and Chet Dekko along with their first five employees began producing ready-made wiring assemblies, or “harnesses,” for manufacturers of commercial refrigerators.  Their innovative approach reduced production times for the labor-intensive practice of hand-wiring cabinets.  This inspiration and attention to customer needs led to exceptional growth and expansion, and became the foundation of the Group Dekko business principals.

Known for many years as Lyall Electric, the company quickly gained a reputation as a valued partner to its customers.  Throughout the first several years in business, Lyall Electric experienced extraordinary growth as the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities and sought to meet customer needs.  This approach allowed for significant market penetration and eventually led to the acquisition of Pent, Inc. in 1962.   Pent became a cornerstone of the company’s future endeavors, and inspired advanced product development concepts allowing the company to enter new markets.

With an accelerated growth strategy, the company continued to expand its core competencies to include: engineering design, testing and certification, electrical advancements, heating solutions, wire winding technologies, metal fabrications, powder coating, injection molding, profile extrusion, and ultimately became an industry leading power and electrical systems, fluid controls, and lighting solutions provider.  As s full-service, customer-centric company, Group Dekko enhanced its profile and grew into a sophisticated organization of integrated resources with more than 50 facilities in five states and four countries (yes we said 50).

In 1988, after continued growth and success, Chet Dekko purchased the remaining Morrill Family interest and became the company’s sole owner, changing the name of Lyall Electric to Group Dekko International, Inc. When Chet passed away in 1992, his legacy and vision continued under family influenced leadership until the sale of the company in 2006.

A Successful Present

In 2006, Group Dekko underwent a structure transformation, as nine independent organizations were unified under one voice.  In 2014, the company was realigned into three vertically aligned business units that focus internal resources and capabilities around specific market segments.  These business units include Workspace Power Solutions servicing office furniture, hospitality, higher education, and health care industries; Architectural Lighting servicing lighting OEM’s; and Electric Component Assemblies servicing Transportation, Industrial and Commercial, Medical, and Appliance industries.  This realignment has allowed us to better serve our customers and drives us toward our future.

Today, Group Dekko remains privately held and is led by John R. May as CEO. May leads the team with a more refined strategy to accelerate customer satisfaction, new product introduction and operational excellence. As a new culture for focused growth develops, Group Dekko intends to positively impact relationships with customers, and the communities where its employees live and work. This philosophy will be reflected in the relentless and disciplined execution of future goals.

With headquarters in Garrett, Indiana, Group Dekko employs approximately 1,300 associates across 7 facilities in three states and Mexico.  From off-road heavy-duty equipment and diesel engine applications, to office furniture, to medical defibrillators, Group Dekko manufacturers a broad variety of products for the office furniture, transportation and industrial, architectural lighting, appliance, and medical markets. 

A Promising Future

Thanks to a renewed focus on new product development and increased market share, Group Dekko is poised for significant growth and continued market penetration across all of the markets we serve.  By honoring a successful past and recognizing the strengths that have allowed us to respond to our customers’ needs, we have no doubt that you will find us to be the perfect partner for your goals.