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Group Dekko is a leading provider of work space power delivery solutions, LED lighting, and engineered electrical components and assemblies. Since 1952, our customers have come to count on us as a leader in innovative electrical, engineering and manufacturing solutions for the work space, architectural lighting, transportation, automotive, appliance, and medical industries. Our capabilities range from providing highly complex engineering solutions to full-service manufacturing helping you meet your growing demand.

Headquartered in Garrett, Indiana, we have close to 1,300 employees across three states and Mexico.  Our approach to what we do is simple: Do a lot and do it well!  We seek out opportunities to provide value to our customers and become a singular resource for all their design, testing and manufacturing needs. In a typical month, we build and ship over 5,500 different items to over 525 customer and/or location combinations making us the perfect partner for your next product launch.

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