Meet our 2017 Interns.


At Dekko, our internship program has become an important part of our company’s hiring strategy. Since 2011, more than 60 interns have worked at locations throughout Northeast Indiana. The internship program is a valuable opportunity to receive real-world work experience in a variety of departments.


Dekko was the winner of the 2013 “Employer of the Year” for our outstanding internship program offered to both college and high school students. Our past internship opportunities have included experience in marketing and sales, human resources, design engineering, finance/accounting, manufacturing engineering, IT, quality, production management, sourcing and procurement, and more.


Our internship program runs throughout the summer months and resume submission begins in February of each year. Interns can expect an empowering experience, lifelong friends and mentors, and an opportunity to explore their options and establish career goals. Any students who are motivated, have a desire to learn and take pride in their work are welcome to apply. To be considered for our internship program, please apply online at

College Internships

College interns at Dekko are a valued part of our company and we strive to provide a vital foundation and career-readiness for the future. Our interns are involved in real projects that have a direct impact on our success. The skills and opportunities gained at Dekko will stand out on a resume and prepare students for their next step as young professionals.

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High School Internships

Our 6-week paid summer internship provides students with the opportunity to explore careers in manufacturing and begin to understand their unique skills, interests and potential career path. During the program, for the first two weeks, students will rotate through different careers in manufacturing. At the end of the rotation, students have the opportunity to take a trial run through the job that interested them most.

To Apply, Please Send Email To Request Application