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Ignition Wire

Dekko supplies customers with bulk base core allowing them to extrude silicone or EPDM over the base core, cut and terminate, and package before sending a finished product to their customers. We produce three different types of ignition wire base core:

  • Carbon Core: The resistance of the core comes from the latex coating. Carbon core is a low-cost/low-performance core that is used in small, lower valued automobiles.
  • Wire Wound Core: The resistance comes from an alloy strand wrapped around a base core. The wire wound cores are high-performance/high-quality cores, used in the higher end vehicles. Considered to be a premium grade wire.
  • Suppression Wire Wound: This core is the same as the wire wound except for the base core is made with a Ferrite latex coating. The Ferrite reduces the RFI emissions.

Our process has the capability of running one continuous length up to 150,000 feet without splicing, in turn allowing customers to extrude 150,000 feet at one time.  Dekko specializes in continuous serving, making it one of the core competencies for our business.