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Ashley Quad™

The Ashley Quad meets very demanding power and data needs with a sleek design.

The Quad features four AC outlets for high-power devices and dual 2.1 amp USB charging ports.  Each USB port utilizes a Smart Device Recognition Chip to monitor and independently deliver the required amperage to your devices — up to 2.1 amps each — and charge them in half the time it takes with similar products on the market.  It also features two data ports that accommodate your choice of HDMI, RJ45, VGA, or a blank insert.   The AC outlets, USB and data ports are integrated within a single piece cover, resulting in fewer edge lines and a clean aesthetic.

The edge mount metal bracket and plastic face are available in classic White, Gray, and Black, while the fresh plastic tints include:  Neon Red, Harvest Pumpkin, Blue Daisy, and Light Green.  More custom plastic and/or color painted metal trim possible as a special order.

The Ashley Quad’s USB charging is UL 1310 recognized, Class 2, FCC Part 15A approved, as well as, meets Battery Charging 1.2 specifications.

The Ashley Quad is available in surface, under, and bezel mounting options.