Combined with the modular Electri-Pak Wiring Systems, the J-Channel provides a complete package of power, data, and wire management ideal for mounting to the underside of modesty panels and other vertical surfaces.

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes


Compatible with Electri-Pak 73 System, 83 System and 84 System 
Single and Multi-Circuit Triplex (3 Receptacles) and Quad (4 Receptacles) Power Blocks
Telecom Plate Option Available for Customization



Power Infeeds and Interconnecting cables allow mutiple units to link together



Ashrae 90.1 & Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards - Compliant* 
*Controlled receptacles must be used in order to comply

  • Steel Housing with Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Compatible with Electri-Pak 8 Wire 3 Circuit, or 8 Wire 4 Circuit
  • Triplex and Quad Power Blocks available for 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 & 12 Receptacle Configurations
  • Receptacles are Configurable based on Circuit Requirements
  • Available in Various Lengths: 10”, 15”, 19”, 29”, 32”, 35”, 41” and 47”
  • 1 Telecom Plate Knockout
  • Mounts Beneath Table Surface

J-Channels are the ideal solution for mounting power and data to the underside of a table or to a modesty panel. They are flexible and versatile, providing power, data, and wire management in a single package. J-Channels can be outfitted with our Electri-Pak wiring systems including our 8 wire, 3 circuit or 8 wire, 4 circuit systems. Configurations are available in a variety of lengths and can accommodate a wide range of power receptacles in both single circuit and multi-circuit configurations. A separate channel is provided for housing the telecom plate, and keeps the data wires separated from the power cables. Interconnecting cables and power infeeds are available in a variety of lengths. Power feeds, interconnecting cables and telecom plates are purchased separately.