Assemblies Capabilities

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    From Concept to Production-Ready

    We realize that having the right design resources can mean the difference between a successful project and one that never gets off the ground. At Dekko, we are specialists in helping our customers progress from concept to production-ready, quickly and seamlessly, making us the perfect partner to help meet your needs.

    Our resources include a full range of design capabilities utilizing industry standard software to meet our customers’ needs. Regardless of where you are in the design process, our team can work with you to produce prints ready for production, making us a one stop for design and manufacturing!


    Full Design Capabilities:

    White Goods

    From the latest in fabric care to the newest small appliance innovations and robust refrigeration, our inspired designs help customers reduce part complexity and improve their throughput velocity, saving time and money while reducing costs.


    From respiratory care components and assemblies to fully assembled medical products, our manufacturing facilities and UL Certificated Technical Center help customers quickly and efficiently go to market with their products.

    Transportation & Industrial

    From HVAC systems to diesel engine applications, we create strong, long-lasting electrical solutions for leading transportation and industrial companies.

  • UL DAP Laboratory and Innovation Center

    UL DAP Laboratory and Innovation Center

    We pride ourselves on our research and development capabilities. At Dekko, we have an Innovation Center and UL Data Acceptance Program (DAP) Laboratory with testing facilities. The Innovation Center is a research, development, laboratory, and pilot plant focused on our accelerating growth. Our talented design team works closely with customers to enhance their existing designs and prints as well as take a concept and give it life. Our UL DAP Lab allows us to go from concept to manufacturing quickly and seamlessly. With a long list of testing available, our UL DAP Lab works to research, develop and evaluate your product and gather the necessary certification needed to accelerate growth and get your product to market.


    • UL 94, Flammability of Plastics
    • UL 153, Portable Luminaries
    • UL 183, Manufactured Wiring Systems
    • UL 498, Attachment Plugs and Receptacles
    • UL 746C, Polymeric Materials – Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations
    • UL 1286, Office Furnishings
    • UL 1363, Relocatable Power Taps
    • UL962, Powered Table Systems
    • UL 962A, Furniture Power Distribution Units
    • UL1598, LED & Fluorescent Light Fixtures

    Dimensional Testing

    • The dimensional metrology laboratory has the capabilities to perform dimensional analysis for first piece submittal, in-process verification and capability studies.

    Electrical Testing

    • AC/DC Voltage Measurement (0 to 40) kV dc/ (0 to 75) kV ac
    • Interface Voltage Drop Measurement
    • AC Dielectric Testing (0 to 75)kV
    • DC Dielectric Testing (0 to 7000)V
    • Dielectric Breakdown (AC/DC)

    Exposure Testing

    • Environmental Simulation (hot, cold, dry, wet, corrosive vibration and UV exposure)
    • Temperature Exposure: -60°C to 325°C
    • Humidity: 10% to 95% ± 5%
    • Salt Spray/Corrosion
    • Thermal Shock: -60°C to 200°C

    Physical Properties Testing

    • Plastics/Polymer & Material Testing
    • Tensile Testing
    • Elongation Determination
    • Density/Specific Gravity
    • Rubber Testing & Evaluation
    • Tear Strength
  • Global Manufacturing

    Global Manufacturing

    Let Dekko help you develop the most efficient, low-cost manufacturing option for your product.

    Consistency of quality is a top priority to us. We rationalize the right manufacturing process, ready access to high quality raw materials, skilled labor, and all the necessary testing and certification to ensure products meet or exceed your performance requirements. Let our experts collaborate with you on the best manufacturing solutions for your organization.

    With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico, and manufacturing partnerships in China, we have a solution to meet a variety of needs. Let us put our close to 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space to use for you.

  • Assembly & Kitting

    Assembly & Kitting

    Our robust, and vertically integrated assemblies and manufacturing processes include a dedicated assembly and kitting area ready to handle your projects.  Whether you’re looking for assembly of your product, or need kits assembled to compliment your product, Dekko has the necessary personnel to fit your needs.

  • Program Management

    Program Management

    From the start of your project through final completion, Dekko’s program managers keep things moving behind the scenes, ensuring our highly qualified team of professionals have all the necessary resources to meet and exceed expectations.

    Dekko utilizes a structured quality  planning methodology that focuses on mitigating  risks to the overall program, by monitoring progress and risks at the key functional group level.

  • Quality Systems

    Quality Systems


    Dekko is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, and certified as being in compliance with all requirements of the ISO/IATF 16949:2016 Technical Specification.

    Quality Policy

    Achieve and Maintain levels of Quality, Delivery, and Service by meeting or exceeding our Customer’s expectations.  Through Continuous Improvement and Maintaining Effectiveness, we exceed overall Customer’ Satisfaction.

    Advance Quality Planning

    Dekko utilizes a structured quality planning methodology to ensure that Customer product development needs and expectations are clearly understood and realized  (e.g. DFMEA, PFMEA, CTQ, Special Characteristics, Control Plan, SPC)

    Continuous Improvement

    We utilize the Six Sigma methodology throughout the company to achieve a disciplined,  data-driven approach in defect elimination while driving meaningful change to the organization and delivering value to our Customer.

    Corrective Action

    Our systems ensure the prompt and thorough response to all requests from Customers for Corrective Action.  We perform and document root cause analysis with an emphasis on preventing recurrence . Addressing Customer Actions is given the highest possible priority throughout our organization, with constant monitoring .  ( e.g. 8 Disciplines & 5 W  )


    ISO 9001 : 2015

    ISO / IATF 16949 : 2016

    ISO 14001 : 2015

  • Molding


    Dekko has more than 50 years of experience in molding. Our state-of-the-art molding machines use commodity, engineered thermoplastics, and thermoset materials to provide top level products to our customers. Our 124 molding machines are capable of handling from 10 to 1200 tons with a shot sizes up to 16 pounds.  Regardless of your project, we can utilize a wide range of over mold materials.

    Our machinery includes the following:

    Vertical, horizontal, transfer, insert, precise and over molding

    • 124 molding machines
    • Tonnage: 10 – 1200 tons
    • Shot size: 2 oz up to 16 lbs
    • Platen: 71″ x 67″
    • Over molding for wire harnesses, connectors, cables, terminals and electrical stampings with a wide range of over mold materials

    Secondary services include:

    • Welding
    • Ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate and spin
    • Heat staking
    • Component and finished goods assembly
    • Printer, laser etching and decorating
    • Film application
    • Kitting and specializing packaging
    • Assembly and packaging
    • Tooling design and maintenance
  • Stamping


    As a manufacturer of high-speed progressive stampings, Dekko produces custom electrical terminals and other complex light metal progressive die stampings. Our integrated tool and die shop capabilities allow for the development, production, and maintenance of tooling in-house. Our stamping materials range from high-performance copper alloys, brass, aluminum, to steel and stainless.

    In-house machinery includes the following:

    • Progressive die stampings
    • Die Sizes: 10″ x 10″ thru 37″x 83″
    • Press Speeds: 10 to 1000 SPM
    • Material Width: .600″ to 16″
    • Material Thickness: .005″ to .080″
    • Press sizes 60 tons to 250 tons
  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Dekko’s industry-leading Supply Management team uses long-term and strategic relationships to develop a stable supply base with an intense focus on continuously improving processes to remove waste, improve quality, shorten lead times and reduce costs for the benefit of Dekko, our end customers and our suppliers.

    Through these long term relationships, the Supply Management team will foster innovation and joint development utilizing the latest technology available to the global supply base.

  • Distribution & Logistics

    Distribution & Logistics

    Whether the product is coming back to your facility or being shipped directly to a customer, we are able to get your order directly to where you need it.

    Dekko’s team specializes in:

    • Inventory tracking systems (Customer on-site & 3rd party warehouse)
    • Inventory Management
    • Direct to distribution
    • Cross-docking capability and provider of systems to enable customer cross-docking operations
    • Custom labels
    • Full EDI for order entry and customer releases
    • Global shipping
    • Emergency replacement orders
    • Product packaged to customer order sequence specifications
    • Advance Ship Notices
    • Discrete quantity manufacturing and pack out