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Ashley Duo Wedge™

The Ashley Duo Wedge provides bustling areas with convenient, easy-to-use electricity options to power the technology and devices that help energize our work. The quality componentry and durable housing make the Ashley Duo Wedge perfect for demanding environments like public spaces, school settings, and common areas.

Each USB port utilizes a Smart Device Recognition Chip to monitor and independently deliver the required amperage to your devices — up to 2.1 amps each — and charge them in half the time it takes with similar products on the market.

The user friendly form of the Ashley Duo Wedge produces an always-open wedge that gives easy access to two AC outlets and two USB ports. But the appearance can be enhanced further with the eye-catching new standard colors. The durable metal bezel and plastic face are available in classic White, Gray, and Black, while the fresh plastic tints include: Neon Red, Harvest Pumpkin, Blue Daisy, and Light Green. More custom plastic and/or color painted metal trim possible as a special order.

The Ashley Duo Wedge’s USB charging is UL 1310 recognized, Class 2, FCC Part 15A approved. The unit meets UL spill requirements and Battery Charging 1.2 specifications.