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Ashley™ Retro C

The Ashley™ Retro C is the first USB C port capable of charging power hungry devices requiring up to 60 watts of power.  As a retrofit option for Dekko’s Ashley™ Duo 202, Trio, or Quad products, the Ashley™ Retro C provides a single USB C port integrated with the USB C Certified micro controller device.

Highlights Include:

  • The power unit installs seamlessly under surfaces and provides one additional AC receptacle for powering the Ashley unit, allowing for easy cord management with one cord going into the wall receptacle
  • The Ashley™ Retro C signals Dekko’s ability to future proof technology by creating options for future power needs
  • The USB 3.1C port provides 5 to 20 VDC at 3 amps and 15 to 60 watts of output power for charging devices on the market today as well as future devices requiring up to 60 watts of power
  • The Ashley™ Retro C is UL 962A Listed / UL 1310 Recognized, and FCC 15 Class A Certified