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With just 3 system components to specify, Smart Box, Jumper Cord, and Power Tap, is a safe and simple system for open plan environments. Just plug the Smart Box into a standard wall 110v outlet and then add up to eight Power Modules.

To reconfigure, unplug the Smart Box, disconnect the Jumper Cables and the move the furniture. Then reconnect the Jumper Cables and plug in the Smart Box — it’s that easy.

No worries about which circuits to use or keyed components that can only work in one location. The smart sensor in the Smart Box monitors how many Power Modules are on line and prevents dual powering.

Perimeter works with a variety of Power Modules, which can be mixed and matched in any order, depending on the requirements of the work environment. Perimeter also works with Ashley power taps and the USB Module.

Key Features Include: Plug-n-Play installation or reconfiguration, Smart Box controls and monitors power to the system, add up to 8 duplex Ashley Units, 12 Amp system rating, 15 Amp over-current protection and 3 simple system components: Smart Box, Jumpers and choice of Ashley Duo product.