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The Stafford begins with aesthetics and ends with technology supporting performance.

Featuring a continuous-cast flange that presents a bezel with clean lines, feels smooth and seamless to the touch, is easy to clean and maintain, along with a high quality, resistance door hinge assembly which delivers infinite positioning of the door through its entire closure movement with a soft and quiet closure.  The doors provide space along the edges for cable exit while closed and can also be positioned open to accommodate cord exit and provide easy access to the generous cord storage cavity when cords are not in use.

The Stafford features four electrical AC 15 Amp power outlets, four USB ports each delivering 2.1 amps of charging power, and four blank Extron plates. Each USB port utilizes a Smart Device Recognition Chip to monitor and independently deliver the required amperage to your devices — up to 2.1 amps each — and charge them in half the time it takes with similar products on the market.

Stafford USB charging is UL 1310 recognized, Class 2, FCC Part 15A approved, and also meets Battery Charging 1.2 specifications and meets UL Spill Resistance requirements.

Standard cord options are: 10 Foot Black PVC Free NEMA Cord, 1 Foot Black PVC Free Perimeter Cord, or 8 Foot Conduit.

Standard Finishes:

Flange and doors are Satin Silver

Recessed cavity is Satin Black

Receptacles, USB ports, and Extron plates are Black Satin

NEMA and Perimeter cords are Black

Conduit is Silver

Length: 18.5″ Width: 5″