DaisyLink System

ECA by Dekko's iconic DaisyLink 4 Wire 2 Circuit System provides the highly demanded flexibility to applications like training tables, conference tables, workstations, computer tables, and benching systems by allowing multi-unit connection from a single power source.

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes


  • 20 Amp Rated Circuits
  • 2 Utility Circuits Share Neutral and a Ground
  • Link up to 40 Receptacles Across 2 Circuits
  • System Components Include: Starter and Interconnecting Cables, Daisy-T™ Power Manager, & Quick Disconnect
  • Quick Kit Options - Vary by ECA Solutions that are Compatible with DaisyLink™ System



DaisyLink’s design allows you to reconfigure your room without having to solve the puzzle of matching colored connectors or putting units in sequential order. Units configured with the DaisyLink™ system have no restrictions on the order of connection, making it simple and easy to reconfigure on-the-fly. Mix and match units within the same system. The National Electric Code provides restrictions to the number of receptacles that can be connected per circuit. ECA recommends using 80% loading per circuit as a guide - see Literature Tab for DaisyLink™ Receptacle Guidelines


COMPATIBLE ECA PRODUCTS - See Individual Product Pages for Details

  • Cove Series
  • Cove TR Series
  • Retro Series - Cove RJ & LG; Villa LG
  • Power Slip
  • Oasis Series
  • Oasis-Mini Series
  • Reef
  • Sto-Way 
  • Villa™ I Series
  • Villa™ II Series
  • Villa™ AV Series
  • Villa™ UM Series



  • UL/ETL Listed for US and Canada



  • Select DaisyLink System components are available for Quick Ship - See Literature Tab for Details


The DaisyLink™ 4 Wire 2 Circuit System has a shared neutral and ground. Quick Kits were designed to make specifying easy. One order number will provide all the necessary components and cabling to outfit popular table lengths. In addition, we also offer a “Link Your Own” ordering structure for more custom configurations. Nylon-braided cable covers are an optional accessory to shield the galvanized metal-flex conduit of the interconnecting and start cables.

DaisyLink™ System is a flexible and cost-effective solution designed to accommodate a variety of applications. Link multiple units together from a single power source distributed across 2 circuits. Modular in nature, the DaisyLink™ System has no restrictions on the order of connection, allowing a variety of our product offerings to use this system in any ordering structure. When connecting the cabling, the ground terminals are the first to connect and the last to disconnect ensuring a continuous ground before and after power is supplied. Daisy-T™ Power Manager is an integral part of the 4 Wire, 2 Circuit System, providing connections for power in and power out. Daisy-T™ provides a convenient method for branching the system in two directions and can be easily mounted to different areas beneath the surface.