Poppy Wireless

Experience the high-performance of Poppy. The ten-watt Qi fast-charging wireless accessory that blends into any living or workspace, beautifully. Made to marry design and function, Poppy's faux leather top looks effortlessly sleek and keeps your device in place while it charges. It's the perfect way to conveniently quick-charge your phone without the fuss of cords or cables getting in the way. 

Materials & Finishes

Standard Finishes
Black Faux Leather

Materials & Finishes

Standard Finishes
Black Faux Leather


  • 10-Watt Qi Fast-Charging Platform
  • 1.8A/9V Input; 2A/9V Output AC Adapter
  • Capable of charging Qi 5W, iPhones 7.5W fast-charging, and Samsung 10W fast-charging devices
  • Grommet Bracket, Screws, and 66-inch AC Adapter Included



  • Fits Surface Thicknesses: 0.63” - 1.57” (16mm - 40mm)
  • Table Cutout: 2.44” - 2.55” Diameter (62mm - 65mm)



  • Poppy fits into a standard 2.50-inch (63.50mm) grommet hole
  • Simply drop the unit into the surface cutout, connect to a power source, and you’re ready to charge
  • An optional bracket fixture with screws (included) enables customers to secure Poppy to a range of work surface thicknesses while offering an added level of security



  • Poppy's minimalist aesthetic is designed with sleek black faux leather wrap that overlays it's small plastic housing



  • Qi wireless fast-charging technology provides instant power to any Qi-enabled devices for a hand and cord-free experience



  • Qi-Certified Fast-Charging Technology


Qi technology is the universal standard for wireless charging. The same charging pad can be used for a multitude of devices such as Apple and Samsung. Because of this, Poppy is able to accommodate a wide array of new, emerging technologies and their charging requirements. 

Ditch the cables and easily charge your device with the Qi wireless charger, Poppy, from ECA by Dekko. This ten-watt wireless charging grommet offers a clean, round design in a matte faux leather finish that integrates seamlessly into a 2.5-inch grommet hole. After securely installed, simply connect Poppy to a power source and place your Qi-enabled device on top for quick, convenient, and cord-free charging.