ECA’s Electri‐Pak (EP) system is a complete line of modular electrical solutions designed to retrofit vertical surfaces. We provide 8 Wire Systems in a variety of flexible configurations that allow users to fit the unique design requirements for many furniture application.

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes

Materials & Finishes

Standard Metal Finishes


Single and Double-Sided Power Module Options - House simplex receptacles in either three power (Triplex) or four power (Quad) configurations
Mounting Bracket Options - Allow the double-sided EP Power Module to be secured to a surface in a variety of ways and can be used in conjunction with both three power (Triplex) or four power (Double Duplex or Quad) configurations



Single Power Recetacle Installed into the EP Power Module
Offered in Variety of Sizes and Circuits
Controlled Circuits Available to Comply with  Ashrae 90.1 & Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards



Made-to-Order Cable Lengths - 1" Increments
Single and Multi-Circuit Starters Available
Quick Disconnect Option for 42 System known as DaisyLink



Metal Flex Cables provide flexible connection between EP Power Modules and/or units 
Rigid Channels provide a study means to connect EP Power Modules together



For applications that require enclosed electrical wiring, our junction box options provide the means for mounting electrical devices and securing the electrical cables safely
Compliant with Chicago and NY Electrical Codes

  • Benching Applications
  • Computer Tables
  • Workstations
  • Panel Systems
  • 42 System (DaisyLink)
  • 83 System
  • 84 System
  • 834 System
  • 844 System
  • 8422 System
  • Junction Boxes
  • Power Block Modules 
  • Simplexes
  • Starter & Interconnecting Cables
  • J-Channel, Sandbar and Data Power Pak Solutions are Compatible are Electri-Pak - See Individual Product Page for More Detail


  • Select Electri-Pak items are available for Quick Ship - See Resources below for details

ECA's modular 8 Wire Systems and Solutions can be easily integrated with your furniture. Modular Wiring Solutions are available in 3 power (Triplex) and 4 power (Quad) single circuit and multi circuit configurations. Link multiple units together from one power infeed in no particular order. A variety of mounting brackets are available making the Modular Wiring Solution perfect for benching, workstations, and computer tables as well as DaisyLink and retrofit applications. Power infeed and interconnecting cables sold separately.