Announcing the Ultra-Portable Power Solution - TUCK™

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, USA – February 13, 2023 – Power supply leader STUDIO by Dekko announces the launch of the TUCK™ portable power system offering power distribution for any device. Utilize TUCK in several configurations, freestanding, desk mount, or add its new elegantly convenient stand. Partnering TUCK and the stand together makes any workspace - limitless.

TUCK is a dynamic power system designed for adaptability! Safely power all your devices whenever and wherever you go. TUCK features two - 15 Amp 120 Volt Tamper Resistant AC receptacles, one - 2.4 AM USB-A port, and one - 60-watt USB-C® power delivery port. Principled in design and customization, the palette and finishing selections provide an aesthetic appeal to complement any space. 

Offered as a convenient freestanding, "on the go" solution, add the undermount kit for a semi-permanent, fixed application, or add the convenient stand kit offering portability and cable management, distributing power at just the right height. Whether working at home or in the office, grab TUCK and charge!

“Technology is ever-changing and we work hard to remain nimble and flexible, offering products that help our world stay connected. Design is a critical factor in our product offering, it’s our intention to blend with the environment while adding a powerful, quintessential element to the space. The flexibility and enhanced power capabilities of TUCK add to the usability wherever you choose to work, making this product a mainstay for any environment,” said Executive Vice President and GM, Rick Fox.