Introducing PURL: The Innovative Single Outlet Linked Power System for Workspaces

Dekko is excited to announce the release of PURL, a groundbreaking linked power system that simplifies and distributes power throughout workspaces. PURL is a UL Listed solution that elegantly accommodates above-desk or table components, offering unparalleled convenience, versatility, and reliability to all training, conferencing, and collaboration spaces while maintaining an unobtrusive and stylish aesthetic.

PURL links multiple power units, such as the Studio Ashley and ECA Electrolite Series, into a modular linking system that allows everything to be powered with just one outlet. PURL provides a safe and reliable option for all power needs, offering up to 31 feet of linked power and a new level of flexibility for training and office spaces.

PURL is designed to enhance team productivity by providing a seamless and reliable power source. The Ashley and Electrolite products can be linked together, providing a safe and rapid power source for connected devices with both USB A and USB C® ports and standard outlet power capabilities. As a result, PURL is the perfect solution for creating an optimal work environment that allows teams to work seamlessly without worrying about power disruptions or awkward arrangements.

As a UL Listed product for US and Canada, PURL ensures the highest level of safety and reliability. The PURL system is designed for easy installation and maintenance, providing a seamless power solution without the need for intrusive cords throughout the room. With just one plug, connect up to 9 power units with up to 6 receptacles each, for a total of 54 receptacles. This makes PURL ideal for spaces requiring convenient and clutter-free power.

"We are excited to release PURL as we see this system as a game-changer for work and collaboration areas," said Rick Fox, Executive Vice President and GM for Dekko power and data products. "Our system represents the future of linked systems for spaces with limited power throughout a room, offering a new level of convenience, flexibility, and dependability," said Fox.

A dynamic power solution enhances workspaces and productivity.

Enhance your workspace with PURL! The linking solution allows multiple Ashley or Electrolite power units to extend power to adjoining desks or tables, all from one power source. Our revolutionary design simplifies your setup, streamlines your workflow, and eliminates tangled cords and multiple power sources with the innovative modular connecting system. As a UL Listed product, PURL ensures the highest level of safety and reliability. Install PURL beneath your desk to optimize the flexibility of your office or training space.