Mid Point Magazine: Luna is Among the Newest in the Dekko Family of Brands’ Product Suite

January 6, 2021 — Fort Wayne, IN — At a time when most power and charging solutions recede into the background, Studio by Dekko launched Luna to do just the opposite.

Studio by Dekko's Luna Shines in Expanding Galaxy of Dekko Designs and Products

Power in the workplace typically is installed directly into furniture, with multi-circuit systems, and with little or no change in the given product's aesthetics. 

Luna, unveiled last fall, stands alone as a striking statement piece while providing charging capability for all kinds of devices - smartphones, tablets, computers - and for settings that include homes, hotels, offices, and hybrid spaces.

"Where we work is blurring like never before, making portable charging a necessity," said Dekko General Manager and Executive Vice President Rick Fox. "Luna inserts the element of luxury into an environment. But, Luna is far more than an accessory. Wherever there is a need for device-charging, Luna provides an exceptional experience in both purpose and composition." 

Dekko collaborated with Gensler, serving as product design consultant, for Luna. Together, Dekko and Gensler explored design concepts that would create a sculptural power product with meticulous craftsmanship. 

The faceted circular form and proportion invite a tactile experience. Refined details, including a metal accent, evoke a sense of elegance.

"We sought to reimagine how people traditionally view and use power," Fox said. "Instead of neutrally integrating it into a space, we intentionally brought it to the forefront as a standalone piece enhancing its surroundings. The Gensler design and research team brought an integrative design approach to the collaboration, assisting us in creating a high-impact and transformative product."

Embedded in Luna's ergonomically sleek composition is a USB-A port and a 60-watt intelligent Power-Delivery USB-C port, offering the fastest possible charging speed and power permitted for today's devices. The 60-watt power allows laptops to be charged simply by connecting with a USB-C charging cable, eliminating the need for large laptop bricks.

This small yet powerful product can charge larger devices at a single point of relocatable power access for multiple users and for environments flexible in design and use. 

Luna offers warm and cool color palettes - navy and brass and white and silver combinations.

New Brand Experiences, Products

Luna is among the newest in the Dekko Family of Brands' product suite. Dekko has united the power of three brands - Studio, ECA, and Furnlite - under one company to provide diverse solutions, styles, price points, and applications. The expansive portfolio of products serves markets ranging from commercial furniture and hospitality to residential, health care, and education.

"We've doubled down on development in the past year to ensure we're offering products that continue to serve our customers, especially with the rapid evolution of how and where we work," Fox said. "We're relentless about design excellence as the foundation for powerful solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional."

Studio by Dekko elevates power solutions - for home, private and corporate offices, upscale hotels, and unique workspaces - to a new level of modern sophistication built on extensive research, engineering, and design. 

"Studio by Dekko takes complex problems and turns them into intelligent solutions, creating products that are purposeful and stunningly elegant," Dekko Vice President of Sales Char Reynolds said. " We obsess over human-centered design that draws people in."

ECA by Dekko is all about energy and momentum. The brand offers a vast collection of fun and fresh power products that can plug into offices, schools, hospitality, and health care settings, athletic clubs, airports, and more.

"ECA by Dekko embraces the challenge of moving power forward with solutions that are intuitive, imaginative, and smile-worthy," Dekko Director of Marketing Meghan Meier said. "We pay attention to trends, harness the best of technology and listen to our customers to produce great products for all kinds of applications."

Furnlite by Dekko provides approachable, dependable power and lighting solutions for hospitality environments - hotel rooms, lobbies, bars, and restaurants. 

"In hospitality spaces, aesthetics speaks volumes. Furnlite by Dekko is about reliable power and lighting that amp up spaces with clean, functional design tailored to the environment, whether contemporary, modern, rustic or historic," Reynolds said.

The Dekko Family of Brands will be unveiling new collaborations, designs, and products in 2021.

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