Studio by Dekko introduces Ashley Freestand, a sleek new mounting style that transforms stationary power into a portable charging solution

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, USA — March 2021— Power and data supply leader Studio by Dekko announces the launch of Ashley Freestand, a dynamic mounting solution that allows the power unit to be portable.

An addition to the Studio by Dekko's Ashley 210 Series™, Ashley Freestand is a personal charging device that sits on a surface and provides flexibility for the user to relocate wherever power is needed. This sleek power unit is available with a standard cord or a braided cord for added style, two AC outlets, and two USB-A ports providing 2.4 amps each. 

"We respond to the ever-evolving needs of our customers with user-friendly products that are nimble, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. By adding the freestand mount, users can move the product without restriction. This new mounting is especially great for flexible power that can easily be integrated into office designs which incorporate screens or partitions," Dekko Director of Marketing, Meghan Meier said.

The Ashley 210 Series™ is available in a variety of mounting options, including bezel, undermount, freestand, and clamp-on. The product can complement, blend in, or stand out with a variety of neutral and bold colors.

"In today's technology-driven world, power and data products are no longer just convenient but an absolute necessity. At Dekko, we continually develop contemporary solutions to meet the needs of end-users who are relying on multiple devices to accomplish their work," Meier said.

For more information about Ashley Freestand, visit the product page. For questions about ordering Ashley Freestand, call 800.829.3101.