Perimeter System

With just three system components to specify - Smart Box Power Infeed, Jumper Cables, and the Ashley™ power solution of your choice - Perimeter is a safe and simple electrical distribution system that offers true flexibility and simplicity in reconfiguring any open-plan or workplace environment.

POWER –Perimeter Components – Smart Box Power Infeed & Jumper Cables

  • Attach Up to 8 Units using Standard 110V Wall Outlet (8 Duplex Power Modules)
  • 12 Amp System Rating; 12 Amp Over-Current Protection Smart Box Power Infeed with NEMA 5-15 Plug


POWER – Ashley Unit with Built-in 12” 3-Port Plug Distribution Perimeter Cord

  • 15 Amp 120 Volt Power Outlets 
  • 2.1 Amp 10.5 Watt USB Charging Ports – Option Available on Select Models
  • Data Port(s) for HDMI, RJ45, VGA or Blank Insert – Option Available on Select Models
  • Compatible with Ashley Uno Series, Duo Series, Duo Wedge, Duo Air, 202 Series, Trio Series, Quad Series, Mini-Adapt, and Stafford Series



  • Non-Sequential Installation – Mix and Match Power Up to 8 Modules
  • Smart Sensor Circuitry Technology in Smart Box Power Infeed monitors power supply from attached power modules and prevents dual powering by shutting down both supplies if dual power condition exists
  • The LED indicator light on Smart Box flashes “RED” alerting the user of dual powering; displays “RED” when too many units are attached to the system; displays “GREEN” when ready-for-use or when the issue(s) resolved



  • UL 962 Recognized


The smart sensor in the Smart Box monitors how many power modules are on one line, and prevents dual powering. To reconfigure, unplug the Smart Box, disconnect the Jumper Cables, and then move the furniture. Then reconnect the Jumper Cables and plug in the Smart Box — it’s that easy.

Today’s conference, learning, and workgroup environments demand flexibility with fast and easy reconfiguration. Perimeter electrical distribution system meets these demands by offering a “plug and play” solution curated for desking and other table-based workplace furniture.

Simply plug-in the Smart Box Power Infeed into a standard wall outlet and then add up to eight power modules. To reconfigure, unplug the Smart Box Power Infeed, disconnect the Jumper Cables, and move the furniture. Then, reconnect the Jumper Cables and plug in the Smart Box Power Infeed. It's just that easy!