The Innovative Single Circuit Linking Power System

PURL™, the innovative linked power system that simplifies and distributes power in workspaces. PURL™ elegantly supports above-desk or table power components and can link multiple power units like the Ashley and Electrolite Series into a linking system with just one outlet. The first UL Listed solution to do so, PURL offers unparalleled convenience, versatility, and dependability to all training, conferencing, and collaboration spaces while maintaining an unobtrusive and stylish aesthetic.

Materials & Finishes

Standard Plastic Colors

Materials & Finishes

Standard Plastic Colors


  • Height Adjustable Tables
  • Desks
  • Conference
  • Training Tables



  • Power Infeed/Primary FPDU
  • Jumper
  • Splitter



  • UL 962A SD listed



  • Single Circuit
  • 15 Amp Over Current Protection
  • Utilize with Studio (Ashley) and ECA (Electrolite) Power Units
  • Non-sequential
  • Single infeed: End or center
  • Layouts capabilities: single sided or back-to-back
  • Applications: HAT – Height Adjustable Tables, Conference, Training tables, and more!
  • Connect up to 9 units, with up to 6 receptacles
  • All receptacles are Tamper Resistant
  • Power Unit Mounting: Clamp-on, Under Mount Bezel, and Inline
  • Straight & Coiled Jumpers
  • Mounting hardware included
  • UL Listed

PURL™, a single outlet linked power system, is a versatile solution that includes a power infeed - primary FPDU, jumpers, splitters, and a range of power components. This system enables effortless power linking within height-adjustable tables or conference areas, creating a seamless power source for devices while offering the flexibility to move tables for collaboration. With a PURL system, teams can work more efficiently in a versatile and adaptable workspace, enhancing productivity.